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VanDenim is the perfect choice to start your adventure with Pakkers. Made from sturdy, black jeans, they offer durability, and the addition of elastane ensures they look great, both at the gym and on the red carpet, and that even without ironing!

We offer them at a special, reduced price to facilitate your life-changing decision.


The crossed-out price is the lowest price we have offered in the last 30 days.

We recommend for the summer

Jeans Ultra-Light


They are super light, super thin and very nice to touch. This is thanks to the 170 g/m jeans with added elastane. When you sit, they feel nice against your skin and when you’ walk or run, they wave in the wind.



Cotton Ultra-Light


The Ultra-Lights are made of the shirt-like fabric. It’s only 140g/m. They are ultra-lightweight and let the air right through. They are perfect for long walks in hot weather. They are also ideal for light physical activities, but they are not made for heavy use.



Cotton Short


Pakker Short to doskonały wybór na letnie dni! Wykonane z mocnej (300 g/m²) bawełny o splocie płóciennym, zapewniają doskonałą przewiewność i wygodę noszenia. PakkerPocket – kangurza kieszeń z przodu, pozwala na spakoweanie wszystkiego co jest Ci potrzebne gdy wychodzisz z domu.



Linen & Hemp

Organic and breathable fabrics that have a natural ability to absorb humidity. 100% legal!



Made of 230 g/m canvas. If you hold them against the light, they are transparent. Only the pocket prevents people from seeing your dick!
 Linen trousers are great for a walk on the beach and a night out. Although, we know some who climb in them, but we do not recommend linen for sports activities.





Natural, gently dyed canvas with a weight of 230 g/m. The hemp fibre is thicker and stronger than linen so it is woven slightly looser. It is very lightweight and nice to touch. Hemp has antiseptic properties and natural UV filters. The ability to absorb water makes these trousers ideal for the summer weather and physical activities.



Cotton II


Cotton is our main trouser model. They are made of thick cotton, woven at the perpendicular angles. As a result, the fabric is breathable and doesn’t crease so much. They feel soft to touch and are very durable. Once ironed, they are suitable for smart occasions. Our customers choose them for all kinds of outdoor adventures. They are comfortable for hiking and allow your balls to breathe. The kangaroo pocket is useful for carrying all your items. Comfortable even to sleep in. They look good on you either trekking in a forest or sitting at a café.



Blue Jeans


Stylish, urban look and strong character. Welcome your most comfortable jeans ever. Sewn from thick, cotton canvas with a weight of 350 g/m². The most solid trousers in our offer.



T-shirts, Gift Cards, Stickers

No idea what size to choose, but you want to surprise a loved one? Get a Gift Card instead! Original T-shirts and stickers for collectors

T-shirts with an extended back for those who like to wear their trousers low.

Gift Cards


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Sehr schneller Versand trotz Corona.

Die Hose ist sehr bequem und von der Qualität hochwertig. Kein dünner Stoff.
Sehr zu empfehlen, das war nicht meine letzte Bestellung

Date of publication: 23.01.2022

I like the pair of pants I ordered at this shop. The were deliverd fast to The Netherlands

Date of publication: 05.02.2022

Best pants I've ever owned. Extremely comfortable

Pocket system is awesome (why is nobody else doing this?), and having the option for long sizes is great for thin and tall people like me. Also very fast shipping.

Date of publication: 14.12.2021

Super friendly customer service, FAST work on my order!

Date of publication: 09.08.2021

Excellent fit, super fast delivery and funky customer information emails, love it!

Date of publication: 29.01.2022

The best experience love u

Date of publication: 27.03.2022

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