Only buy as many Pakkers as you really need
 and take care of them to make sure they last you as long as possible.

Start as soon as you
open the box.

Follow the instructions on the tag.
Wash your Pakkers inside out.
Set the temperature to 30ºC and the spin speed to 1000.
Do not tumble dry.
Iron inside out – it’s easier to iron under the pocket!


Stitch together small holes before they get bigger.

Try to fall in love with the rips!

Dye your pants if they fade at the knees.

Use a dye such as “Simplicol” or “TextileCare” during the wash.

Ask us for patches or for thread in matching colours.

Make friends at the alterations service – there’s probably one at your nearest shopping centre.

When the end comes,
give them a second life.

Trousers with a hole or even ripped on the knee
don’t have to end up in the rubbish bin just yet.
If you don’t want to get them repaired, use them for gardening, car repairs, DIY jobs etc…
Give them away or use the fabric for something new.

Our sustainable production principles.

We believe we can change the World.
From the very beginning we follow
Slow Fashion principles.
But that’s not enough,
we also want to encourage you.

We encourage our customers to buy only as many pairs of pants as they really need.

We produce locally.
We pay fair wages.
We respect our partners.

We don’t overproduce.
 Zero Waste.

We keep improving one cut of pants.

We sell out ends of series.

We don’t have a stationary store,
we don’t have an office,
we don’t want to be a corporation.

We appear in our ads ourselves and we write ourselves
in our social media channels.
This allows us to be in touch with our customers.

We don’t wrap in plastic.

We grow our knowledge about sustainable production.

We encourage our customers to take care of their clothes
so that they last as long as possible.

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