After a Year of Trials and Improvements: Introducing the First Pakkers

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

For many years, I have been in search of trousers that would provide me with comfort while walking around the house, working in a seated position, and during workout breaks. I wanted them to be versatile enough to wear out and meet friends in a café or for a walk in the forest.

The most comfortable trousers I ever owned were training pants for Kung Fu. However, due to the material used, they appeared too sporty, and the lack of pockets made them impractical.

Therefore, I decided to create my own trousers – the best in the world. I came up with the pockets, purchased suitable material, and with the help of a friendly tailor shop, my first prototype was made. Subsequent prototypes were gradually improved until I received help from a professional designer – Patryk Wojciechowski. Patryk transformed my trousers so that they retained their original shape but added back pockets and modified the cut to better fit and not resemble sportswear.

After making a few more prototypes, exploring other materials and making minor adjustments, after a year of hard work, I am pleased to present to you the ready-to-wear model of Pakker Classic. It is available in two colors: beige and dark green.

I hope that wearing these trousers will provide you with the same level of comfort as it did for me and the first testers. I invite you to my store and eagerly await your opinions and feedback.

Piotr Pakier


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