The Nature creates us with our private parts swinging freely
to have a nice breeze all the time.
It is important to our health and you know it’s true.


That’s right, Pakkers are designed to GO COMMANDO!
Instead of a dangerous zip fly, the Pakkers have a big pocket.
It’s made from a soft and antibacterial fabric.
This pocket safely separate you from the outer layer.

We have reinvented the pockets!
meet Pakker Pockets

It’s a big kangaroo-like pocket with five divisions inside,
made from our specially designed fabric which is strong yet soft
and covered with an antibacterial coating.
Size does matter, so maybe you can even hide a bottle of wine inside.

Not too keen on rubber?

No problem! The elastic at the bottom of the trouser leg ensures it wraps around the ankle
and gives the Pakkers their characteristic loose style.
If you prefer a more classic look,  simply pull the elastic out
through the slot left especially for this purpose.

Pakker II

They are stronger, the pocket is covered with an antibacterial layer
and you can remove the elastic from the legs.

Stronger pocket

The pocket fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch yet very durable. It’s made of 70% polyester and 30% breathable cotton.

Antibacterial coating

For those who like to wear no underwear, the pocket has been coated with silver ion technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. This will keep PakkerPockets fresh even when washed at low temperatures.

Additional stitching

The trousers have been reinforced with additional cross-stitching in the most fragile areas. At your request, we have also added loops inside the front pocket.

No more shrinking

Our trousers undergo a decatising process. They are washed and shrunk under controlled conditions. As a result, they will arrive in your desired size and will not shrink. They already feel soft and pleasant to touch.

Elastic or classic cuffs

A special hole allows you to easily remove the elastic strap from your trousers’ cuffs. This is for those who prefer to wear their trousers the classic way – over the shoe.

our fabrics

The Pakkers are hand-made with a great attention to detail.
Yes, they are based on training trousers but we choose only the strongest and most elegant fabrics.
If you iron them nicely, you can wear them to work and even for the Oscars Gala.
In our range you will find pure Cotton, Linen and Hemp.

Designed for ADVENTURE

The Pakkers are great for all kinds of activities.
From taichi, skateboarding or walking the dog to rock climbing.
They are great for holidays and for sitting in one place for a long time
(when you need your comfort most).

The best fashion is Slow Fashion.

It feels awesome to put new trousers on,
but it’s even better to put #myfavouritetrousers on.
Use your Pakkers as long as they cover your dick,
and buy only as many as you actually need.
The planet will thank your balls!

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Sehr schneller Versand trotz Corona.

Die Hose ist sehr bequem und von der Qualität hochwertig. Kein dünner Stoff.
Sehr zu empfehlen, das war nicht meine letzte Bestellung

Date of publication: 23.01.2022

I like the pair of pants I ordered at this shop. The were deliverd fast to The Netherlands

Date of publication: 05.02.2022

Best pants I've ever owned. Extremely comfortable

Pocket system is awesome (why is nobody else doing this?), and having the option for long sizes is great for thin and tall people like me. Also very fast shipping.

Date of publication: 14.12.2021

Super friendly customer service, FAST work on my order!

Date of publication: 09.08.2021

Excellent fit, super fast delivery and funky customer information emails, love it!

Date of publication: 29.01.2022

The best experience love u

Date of publication: 27.03.2022

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