Pakkers don’t feel tight in your crotch

If you are health–conscious
you know how important it is to keep your intimate area
free of any rubbing or tightness.

Now you can have your health and freedom
wearing the most man-friendly trousers in the world!

By the way, if you absolutely have to put on underwear, make sure it’s a loose type.
Briefs are so overrated!
With your Pakkers on, it’s OK to go without.

Free Your Dick!

Comfortable Pakkers
for all occasions all day long

No matter if you are in a hotel or a café,
in a city centre or a countryside,
a park or in the woods.


Free Your Dick!

With your Pakkers on,
you can go to a wedding straight from the gym.

They are perfect in the morning, but they also wear well in the evening

Just so comfy to wear around the house all day,
to sit at your desk, exercise during breaks
or to go out in the evening.

100% cotton … or linen

Pakkers are made of 100% high-quality cotton or linen canvas.
What’s more, they are available in many colours, so you can choose the one you always wanted.

Neither the outer fabric nor the pockets or threads contain any artificial materials. Just 100% cotton.

Oh alright… the elastic rubber band around the waist and the bottom of the leg isn’t cotton.
It’s… erm… rubber.

Pakkers are manufactured in Łódź, Poland.


You’ve never seen pockets like these.
There are five of them in front
all are interconnected,
so you can put something in the left one
and take it out from the right one.
They are divided vertically into four parts
and have an extra pocket for secret treasures.

As soon as you put your Pakkers on, you’ll be wondering how come nobody invented them before.

They are equally suitable

for exercise

and for the Oscars gala!

The cut is based on the traditional Kung Fu training trousers.
Created by a talented designer – Patryk Wojciechowski, the winner of Project Runway TV show.

Don’t buy drunk!

Choose your Pakkers based on your height and weight (weight first).

S ~ 160-175cm i 65-75kg.

S-long ~ 170-185cm i 65-75kg.

M ~ 170-185cm i 75-85kg.

M-long ~ 175-190cm i 75-85kg.

L ~ 175-190cm i 85-95kg.

L-long ~ 185-200cm i 85-95kg.

XL ~ 185-200cm i 95-115kg.

XXL ~ 185-205cm i 115-130kg.


Of course we accept returns but please check your weight before purchase!
It will help us grow our business and you will enjoy the best trousers in the world faster.

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